Air pulution

Since he set foot on the beautiful earth, Adam has used its food, water, plants, and mineral resources to try to adapt it to the way it desires. The effects of these changes were very limited at one time, and it seemed that humans, along with other living things, would be able to see a relatively stable and stable state of life on Earth for many years if an unexpected event occurred. Long live it.

In the last 200 years, however, with the advent of technology, the extent and depth of the impact of human behavior on the Earth has been such that it could set a different fate to the past thousands of years and threaten our longevity. The advent of technology and widespread intervention in nature has brought more prosperity to the human being and has transformed our lifestyle to such an extent that it is impossible for today’s humans to return to their past lives. But on the other hand, major challenges, such as depletion of raw materials, concerns about water supply, adequate food and energy, and environmental pollution, have robbed people of peace. Today, man is thinking about how to maintain and possess these great divine blessings for a long time. The field of environmental activities is the field of conscious, compassionate, forward-looking and voluntary individual and group action.

The main purpose of Pakro’s principle is to provide, at his own expense, the promotion of a pollution-free environmental slogan.

Air pulution

In the last two centuries, human beings have undergone major changes in their environment, with many changes. In order to restore natural balance, man has to change his way of life in such a way as to guarantee a lasting balance in nature. Education can have a significant impact on reinforcing the culture of environmental protection, and with this kind of learning, human beings can gain the competence of informed action and a sense of responsibility in protecting the environment.

Under the fiftieth constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, protecting the environment in which today’s generation and subsequent generations must live “on the basis of this growing social principle is considered a public duty, hence economic and non-economic activities. Despite this principle, it is still forbidden to “contaminate the environment or cause irreparable damage to it. Activities that cause environmental damage are prohibited in the country, indicating a lack of awareness and a sense of responsibility. People are important to this.

The importance of air

Undoubtedly, the need for air to survive is more than any other thing that a person can survive without food for almost 5 weeks and without water for about 5 days, while without air for more than a few minutes. On average, every person takes a selfie every 4 seconds. The importance of air is not just for breathing living creatures, but for the air to play a vital role in protecting them from dangerous sun rays.

In the past, people’s concerns were only the provision of bread and water, but nowadays the growing concern of industrial activity and increasing energy consumption, the number of motor vehicles, and the growth of urbanization and vertical development of cities, with clean and healthy air, have also been added. Is. The phenomenon of air pollution in urban areas is one of the consequences of industrialization of human life, which started from about three hundred years ago and is increasing day by day. In these conditions, seeing blue skies with white clouds has become a dream for most people, especially those living in metropolises.

Have you ever thought to yourself, what is the weather called clean air?

Learn more: Each person breathes naturally 16 times per minute, 960 hours per hour, and 8.5 million times per year. In fact, each person consumes 4 million liters of air per year.

Today, air pollution is a serious problem in metropolises. Many parts of the country are exposed to a variety of air pollutants for a variety of reasons, such as the number of light and heavy vehicles, the presence of pollutants, all kinds of combustion processes, power generation or chemical industries, but only a small number of major pollutants The benchmark pollutants are monitored and reported. In some cities in Iran, the concentration of some pollutants is higher than the standard, and it is estimated that, given the phenomenon of microgrids, a population of over 35 million people, or about half of the country’s population, is exposed to air pollution.

air pollution

air pollution

Air pollution has a different meaning and meaning for different people. So that people in the community consider pollution, vision loss, eye irritation, respiratory and dust disorder on the equipment. For a farmer, the factors that cause damage to plants, animals and crops are contamination. For a pilot to reduce vision, air pollution is considered to be the industry’s only concern with air pollution control; It is considered air pollution. Air pollutants can be either gas, liquid or solid. Air pollution also damages people’s buildings, buildings and property and disrupts public welfare and the natural balance of the environment.

The air pollution in each area varies from one region to another, depending on the type of climate: the type of climate, the existence of mountains, industrial activities, agriculture, and so on. In some cases, the impact of air pollution on humans and the environment is slow and slow, so that less attention is given to most people, and when they come to an emergency, they are taken seriously. So it can be said that air pollution is a gradual crisis and in the long run its results are known.

Air pulution

What strategies do you offer to reduce air pollution in your living environment?

Diesel engines are one of the major contributors to the environmental pollution, as they are used extensively, and diesel engines are used wherever high-powered machinery is required for road construction, agriculture, transport, etc. We’re paying attention to a system to clean up the exhaust gases from combustion, and here’s where the role of Adblue is highlighted and its vitality more palpable.

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