Global warming is a very common phenomenon nowadays and is a very important issue that we will talk about in this article.
Over the past five years, the Earth has been abnormally warmer about 2.5 degrees Celsius, which has been a concern for scientists. Global warming or global warming is a phenomenon that has led to an increase in the average temperature of the Earth and the surface of the oceans.



Some scientists believe that the last decades of the 20th century were the hottest years of the last two years.

Reports indicate that the world’s 5 hottest cases have been recorded only from year 1 to year 2, an unprecedented rate in the past five years. Industrial activity and fossil fuel contamination appear to have been very effective in helping to warm the planet.

The history of measuring the Earth’s temperature has been around since year 5 and continues to this day. It is also said that global warming in year 6 will cause severe drought, scorching heat and terrible storms.

On the causes of this phenomenon, a number of theories are based on the impact of greenhouse gases on this process, and others blame processes such as volcanic and geothermal activity as well as solar activity. The scientists cite what they say is the occurrence of hot and cold periods during the lifetime of the Earth.

Many scientists believe that this phenomenon and its negative effects on human life can be mitigated by raising public awareness, optimizing fuel and energy use, increasing green space and preventing forest degradation, recycling materials and using alternative fossil fuels such as wind and sun. Controlled. At the December Cancun Mexico Climate Summit, the participating countries decided to establish a $ 2 billion fund to help developing countries fight global warming.


Countries with air pollution

According to the World Carbon Project in June, China produces 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, the largest air polluting country in the United States, producing 2 million tonnes a year, and India producing 3%, and Russia producing 2 million tonnes annually, Japan and Japan. Iran is in the seventh row with annual production of 5 million tons and Germany with annual production of 6 million tons and Iran with 5 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Scientific research has shown that the Earth was so warm for the last 7,000 years and that the planet has not experienced such a high amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere for four million years.

Deforestation is the second leading cause of global warming. Satellite maps are the result of the rapid process of massive deforestation of the Amazon forests (shown on map) in Rondonia to create more livestock and pasture. Year 2 statistics show that every minute the equivalent of a soccer field from Amazon is destroyed for this purpose. This situation also includes forested areas of northern Iran, which are scarce but scarce in this dry country, including Hirqani forests. Canada’s extensive deforestation process also involves oil sands extraction, which, in addition to environmental contamination such as drinking water poisoning in residential areas and the destruction of wildlife, is itself a process of extracting fuel from petroleum sands requiring a volume burn of one-third of the country’s natural gas production. That ends up producing 2 percent more carbon dioxide than refined crude in the United States.

Some scientists consider the increase in storms and tornadoes to be a result of global warming. Most climate experts believe that this process can lead to droughts, floods, hot winds and more severe storms, but some also believe that some of these events are not a sign of global warming because of the disruption and disruption of the natural climate Is. Other consequences are rising seas, resulting in coastal and underwater islands and thinning oceans, resulting in increased rainfall worldwide.

Glaciers melting

Global warming has caused the interior temperatures of glaciers around the world to rise, including glaciers in the Antarctic, Antarctic and Chinese, and as a result of the gradual melt, large volumes of these glaciers are melted. This is important because these refrigerators form a major part of the world’s drinking water reserves. Therefore, drinking water supplies are declining and the risk of diseases that are spread through unhealthy drinking water is increased. Global warming also has a significant impact on reducing the number of penguins. According to World Health Organization estimates, diseases caused by climate change and global warming are causing more than 6,000 deaths each year in Asian countries. UN officials have repeatedly warned of the consequences of global warming and called for urgent action by its members to prevent it.



According to the post above, we increasingly understand the importance of preserving the Earth’s environment and realize that we need to put our thinking on the agenda every day to find new solutions to protect the environment. The cooperation and thought of all the inhabitants of the earth will be realized.

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