To express the role of air pollution is the only organ in the human body that is directly related to air pollution, so the effects of air pollution on the human lung are much greater than those of other organs. If to date you would have thought that air pollution is a problem that only one person faces outside the home, you would be wrong, there are two types of pollution, one indoor air pollution and the other indoor and outdoor pollution or The same is urban pollution and outside the home.

Indoor air pollution

We should know that indoor air pollution is more important than indoor air pollution. Because the same polluted air outside the house also penetrates into the home. In addition, there are a number of other factors in the indoor air that do not exist in the indoor air. For example, you may smoke at home, which is much larger than indoors. This example can also be seen in the use of hookah indoors.

One should not overlook the story of home cooking and the use of fireplaces and stoves that use oil and such as fuel, even a computer we have put on the table or even a light that is on. Not all of this can be taken into account by the presence of large numbers of people in a closed space, as this can also have a great impact on air pollution.

The effect of air pollution on the lungs


There are many factors in the air pollution debate, especially respiratory and pulmonary diseases. For example, you should see what factories there are in that area or what kind of fuel and what quality cars they use. But in general, the effects of air pollution have a profound effect on the growth and development of children’s lungs and the health of the elderly. Infections also have a direct effect on the development of asthma, a common inflammatory disease of the airways, with common symptoms include wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath, known as triple asthma. The disease can both exacerbate healthy people and people with asthma and send them to the hospital because of air pollution. Air pollution other than asthma can cause other diseases in people. Another chronic lung disease is bronchitis.

Bronchitis or bronchitis is referred to as inflammation of the bronchi in six. It is caused by swelling of the trachea or nipples and is caused by infection by bacteria and viruses or by motions such as contaminated air and smoking. Acute or chronic bronchitis has a variety of manifestations and manifestations. When the bronchi are inflamed, partial obstruction of the respiratory tract, cough and sputum usually occurs. In acute bronchitis, the cough usually lasts for three weeks. In more than 90% of cases, the disease is caused by severe air pollution and dust.

However, some air pollution experts believe that other diseases such as lung cancer, gastric cancer and heart disease can also be caused. Although these diseases are not directly and exclusively related to air pollution, air pollution is one of the important factors that cause and aggravate them. It is produced by burning organic matter (coal, wood, oil, etc.) at temperatures between 200 and 800 ° C and by chemical interactions with some carcinogenic hydrocarbons.

The biggest task additives such as diesel exhaust fluid ( liquid diesel exhaust ) reducing and eliminating pollutants in the exhaust of diesel vehicles, which have a large share in the production of pollution in the air of large cities.

The type and amount of carcinogenic hydrocarbons produced depends on the type of heat, fuel, oxygen content and other factors. It has been proven that some carcinogens are produced by the combustion of tobacco and tobacco by burning wood, firewood and paper, and large quantities of these are also produced by the combustion of gasoline and diesel in motor vehicles. In general, assuming that cars operate in standard technical conditions, large quantities of carcinogenic chemicals are produced and released into the air within a year in Tehran due to the combustion of gasoline and diesel . The sensitivity of the contaminants can cause a variety of allergic reactions, including runny nose, shortness of breath, itching of the skin, tears, and sneezing.

Ways to clear the house of polluted air

The first thing to note is that there is no smoking or hookah in the house at all. Contamination caused by smoking cigarettes and hookah at home are a number of factors that can even affect cancer, both for the consumer and other family members. Unfortunately for the contamination of a house where cigarettes, hookahs and even drugs are used, in the end I can only say that it is better to have no one in the house for up to two hours after smoking and hookah.

Another point is when cooking, these days all the experts emphasize that today’s kitchens are not standard because they are outdoor. The kitchens should be indoors, just like the kitchens of old homes that were completely separate from other home spaces. However, since the kitchens are open these days, it is recommended to use a ventilator when cooking. Another point is to avoid the maximum use of a fireplace, as it can greatly cause air pollution in homes. Another factor is the bathroom, you should keep in mind that after bathing you should close the bathroom thoroughly. Also avoid keeping birds and animals at home.

Outdoor pollution

The most important cause of air pollution in cities is the fuel used in cars. These types of fuels are burned in cars due to the many hours of traffic as well as the large number of single-occupancy cars that are sometimes worn out and pollutants that cause air pollution through CO2 emissions. Unfortunately, it has to be noted that according to WHO statistics, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen terribly in the last half century, which is a very worrying issue and will make the Earth’s atmosphere warmer every day. . Outside the house and when faced with severe air pollution , we emphasize the need to use public transport such as the subway and buses.

We propose to study : the destructive effects of air pollution on plants

On the other hand, we need to promote the culture of bike use in the community. At the time of air pollution the only sport recommended is cycling. However, we recommend that children and the elderly, and most importantly those with respiratory and respiratory problems, do not get out of the house at the time of the severe air pollution, and that other people in the community who are healthy should use a mask and Avoid crowded places. Keep in mind that if you are hiking, be sure to do so when the air is relatively less polluted.

Important impact of nutrition

Human nutrition is undoubtedly a very important and effective subject. Be sure to use fresh vegetables, and eating walnuts and pistachios is highly recommended for people with lung disease and even healthy people. On the other hand, use more water as it will keep the lungs moist and prevent lung disease. Unfortunately, it is thought that eating milk is effective in preventing air pollution, but it should be noted that apart from the effects of dairy as a food source, dairy has no effect on air pollution and, above all, excessive consumption of drinking water. Is.

Tip: Drink plenty of water when you are exposed to air pollution and have no choice.

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